About Us

ArtJawn.com has the potential to dynamically reshape Philadelphia's scattered 3.4 billion dollar art market into a centralized, sustainable, and integrated network. Using management information systems and a basic social media framework we created a system that allows all of the city's resources to be navigated through one simple website.

Conversation leads to commerce, and ArtJawn.com is a one-stop-shop for both. From individual artisans who sell their work, to large institutions, we are gathering comprehensive information on their operations and capabilities and adding it to our centralized database. By centralizing our cities resources on one site, museum tickets can be bundled, tours can be packaged, and artists/institutions can easily be found and paid.

Imagine having one pass that gives you access to all of the Philadelphia’s art museums and events- ArtJawn.com is built to do exactly that.

Best of all, ArtJawn.com empowers the "givers" in our community by enabling them to statistically take a read on what projects overlap, investigate what institutions are doing with their funds, and see how the community reacts to events and projects.

Our goal? Clicks to Bricks. A small percent of every transaction on ArtJawn will serve our efforts to build the Philadelphia Interactive Museum of Contemporary Art (PIMOCA): a self sustaining community museum for the living arts. Every click online will put a brick into developing the Philadelphia Interactive Museum of Contemporary Art.