The Four Horsemen

By Jessica Roca Diez

Dimensions: 14 in x 1 in x 22 in

Weight: 6.00 lbs

Medium: Collage, Inkjet Print, Paper

This series of collages served as the blueprints for a larger illustrative installation. Each of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is portrayed as a mash-up with Alphonse Mucha's decorative and feminine "The Four Seasons." Spring, summer, fall, and autumn thus become War, Death, Conquest, and Famine. The imagery around and forming each figure speak to four social ills plaguing American Society. "War" reflects on the death and destruction of the industro-military complex, "Famine" speaks to rampant wealth inequality, "Conquest" is about the out of control prison industry, and "Death" is the embodiment of unbridled and unethical capitalism. This is a polyptych with four separate, ready-to-hang framed pieces. D-rings and wire on the back, each frame has a glass insert.***I would prefer to sell these as a set, as they were always meant to be viewed together, but I would be open to offers for singular pieces.*** Dimensions are per piece, weight is combined.

Collage, Jessica Roca Diez, Collage, Paper, Inkjet Print, Figurative, Illustration, Conceptual, Contemporary, Politics, , , , , , , , Multi-color, Black, 14 x 22 x 1


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