Danse Macabre

By Jessica Roca Diez

Dimensions: 22 in x .01 in x 30 in

Medium: Collage, Paper, Shellac

This collage is based off of a musical composition by Saint Saëns titled "Danse Macabre." It reflects on the relationship of the living with death. In this composition, Death plays the violin to a woman whose figure is made up of his music, the sheet score of the original song. The perspective of the patterned rug confuses the dreamlike space, in the back of which stands a mirror with no reflection and a window that has been blown open, revealing constellations behind it. Each surface is saturated with color and pattern that is unified by a golden layer of amber shellac over its entirety. The piece is unframed, but could be framed by request and at an additional charge.

Collage, Jessica Roca Diez, Collage, Paper, , Figurative, Illustration, Folk, , , Music, , , Multi-color, 22 x 30 x .01


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