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Sculpture is a three-dimensional visual art that started with the carving of stone, wood, ceramics and metal. The Ancient Greeks have left the world with some of the most classic masterpieces in the world of sculpture, but the modernism movement has allowed for much greater freedom than our forefathers had to work with.
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  1. Color Disks

    Color Disks

    handblown German glass with dalle de verse centers

    Dimensions: 7'' in x 1 in x 28'' in

    Medium: Glass

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  2. Landscape


    This is a found object sculpture. This piece is also a video. This piece is also a narrative video still. The Sculpture is composed of: A found doll cabinet, christmas lights, plastic, paper, mirrors, crystals, shells, paper, ink, paint, wool fiber, wax, perfume box, wasps nest, manilla envelope. News paper clipping of a Michelangelo drawing, butterflies, dragonflies, amber, plastic bags. This piece may be a self portrait.

    Dimensions: 17 in x 8 in x 12 in

    Medium: Found Object

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  3. Hillary Sphinx 2

    Hillary Sphinx 2

    Hillary Clinton as a sphinx during her Senate years.

    Dimensions: 13 in x 7 in x 17 in

    Medium: Ceramic

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