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Sculpture is a three-dimensional visual art that started with the carving of stone, wood, ceramics and metal. The Ancient Greeks have left the world with some of the most classic masterpieces in the world of sculpture, but the modernism movement has allowed for much greater freedom than our forefathers had to work with.
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  1. color disks

    color disks

    Handblown german glass with dalle de verre centers

    Dimensions: 7' in x 1 in x 28' in

    Medium: Glass

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  2. Mi


    I made this in college and names it after my roommate, baby girl! I love her! It was made with wood, paper mache, chicken wire, dyed sea shells and hot glue. My mom kicked Mi out of the house because she says she didnt want people coming in her house chanting illuminati stuff.. or evil things of that sort. I love this piece. I had fun making her but a lot of love, blood, sweat and tears went into making her. She was inspired by nature. Shaped like several animals (but I'll say the antelope), blue for water/rain and purple for magic. She cries for me when I'm sad or happy. Passing my peace of mind / a piece of my mind.. I'll be posting a price when I figure it out, if you'd like to make an offer please inbox me.

    Dimensions: 19 in x 13 in x 23 in

    Medium: Glue, Paper Mache, Wood

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  3. Gothic Angel

    Gothic Angel

    Historic stained glass remnants from closed down churches in Philadelphia combine with handblown German glass to form your own personal meditation mandala.

    Dimensions: 36 in x 1/4 in x 36 in

    Medium: Glass

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