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  1. City in a Suitcase

    City in a Suitcase

    This is a Found Object Sculpture and Video Still. It is composed of:cardboard, colored plastic film, lights, adderall (amphetamine salts) , silicone, tape, and a suit case.

    Dimensions: 22 in x 12 in x 28 in

    Medium: Found Object

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  2. Ethereal Luminescence 27095

    Ethereal Luminescence 27095

    Abstract expressionistic photograph

    Dimensions: 40 in x 1 in x 28 in

    Medium: Archival Chromogenic Print Laminated To Arcylic, Invisible Stand-off Mount

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  3. Wave Anomaly

    Wave Anomaly

    The original images were photographed in Alaska and were then re-visioned into a surrealistic waterscape.

    Dimensions: 60 in x 1 in x 37 in

    Medium: Digital

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  4. TimeWarp-Philadelphia


    This work is derived from multiple exposure images that I photographed in the late 1960's. In 1996 I scanned the transparencies and used Photoshop to remove color and then selectively add it back. This image has been exhibited widely and was featured in the 2000 Siggraph Art Show that was exhibited in a variety of venues.  TimeWarp-Philadelphia invited to be shown as part of the IMAGINE 2001, F.E.S.T Creative Media Lab, Högskolani Gävle, Sweden. 

    Dimensions: 50 in x 1 in x 11 in

    Medium: Digital

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  5. Philadelphia Art Museum 01

    Philadelphia Art Museum 01

    This is a photography of the Art Museum, shot from the former location of the Rocky statue.

    Dimensions: 16 in x 1 in x 20 in

    Medium: Airbrush

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