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Painting is the general practice of applying paint or any colored medium to a surface. Although canvas is typical in the modern era, other surfaces include wood, glass, clay, concrete, and more.
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  1. Morning Flight

    Morning Flight

    Morning Flight is an original artwork, acrylics on an 8x10 canvas. I hope you can find a place for this positively colorful piece in your everyday collection.

    Dimensions: 10 in x .63 in x 8 in

    Medium: Acrylic Paints, Brushes, Canvas

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  2. " Apex of Thought"

    " Apex of Thought"

    Thought expresses the dynamics of ones personal mind yet creates a platform that interlinks the collective mind. The placement of structure showcases the contrast of fluidity..all the while highlighting the common factors of evolution within us all.

    Dimensions: 16 in x 1 in x 20 in

    Medium: Acrylic Paints, Glass

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  3. Wandering Perimeters

    Wandering Perimeters

    Oil on Canvas

    Dimensions: 28 in x 1 in x 38 in

    Medium: Oil Paints

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