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Painting is the general practice of applying paint or any colored medium to a surface. Although canvas is typical in the modern era, other surfaces include wood, glass, clay, concrete, and more.
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  1. Prosperity Tree

    Prosperity Tree

    Prosperity Tree is an original artwork, acrylics on an 8x10 canvas. I hope the positive energy of this simple yet captivating painting will bring prosperity to your life and to your home.

    Dimensions: 10 in x .63 in x 8 in

    Medium: Acrylic Paints, Brushes, Canvas

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  2. Spanish Moon Moth, the traveler between reality and dreams

    Spanish Moon Moth, the traveler between reality and dreams

    My first moth painting, my son:) Thank you kiddo for making mommy have a interest in painting again.

    Dimensions: 18 in x tenth of a inch in x 14 in

    Medium: Oil On Canvas

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  3.  Branching Out

    Branching Out

    This painting is available for purchase. It is 6x4 feet, Mixed media, $800. You Would be responsible for pick up or shipping cost. ( ingredients ), Cotton canvas, corsage acrylic medium paint , driftwood and circuitboard .

    Dimensions: 6 in x 5 inches in x 4 in

    Medium: Mixed Medium

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  4. BALLY


    A piece I designed in efforts to collaborate with popular fashion house Bally

    Dimensions: 60 in x 1.5 in x 40 in

    Medium: Collage, Digital, Mixed Medium, Water Color, Watercolor

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  5. Physical Graffiti

    Physical Graffiti

    A gritty view of urban architecture

    Dimensions: 22 in x .01 in x 30 in

    Medium: Watercolor

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  6. Tools


    Paint brushes in a bucket.

    Dimensions: 8 in x .5 in x 8 in

    Medium: Oil Paints

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  7. Everest


    Oil on unprimed linen

    Dimensions: 43 in x 2 in x 36 in

    Medium: Oil, Oil Paint, Oil Paints, Paint

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  8. Badu


    Erykah Badu The ICON Collection

    Dimensions: 24 in x .25 in x 22 in

    Medium: Oil Paint

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    Portrait of 'BB KING & LUCIELLE'. Original Acrylic Painting by Jeleata Nicole in her unique style. SIZE: 36" x 48" (Prints are also available on size 8"x 10", 11" x 16" or "16 x 20", please contact me for custom listings) All options are individually signed and numbered with certificate of authenticity. Thank you! Feel free to check out other works and pieces at

    Dimensions: 36 in x 1 in x 48 in

    Medium: Acrylic Paints

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  10. Donny Hathaway

    Donny Hathaway

    Acrylic 16" x 20" Portrait of 'Donny Hathaway'. OWNED BY THE LOVELY LAYLAH HATHAWAY HERSELF! prints available

    Dimensions: 16 in x 1 in x 20 in

    Medium: Arcrylic

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Items 1 to 10 of 52 total

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