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  1. Tick Tock Biological Clock

    Tick Tock Biological Clock

    acrylic,watercolor and ink on watercolor paper. 10 x 13 inches 2004. SOLD

    Dimensions: 10 in x 1 in x 13 in

    Medium: Ink

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  2. Wandering Totem

    Wandering Totem

    Ink and Acrylic on hardboard

    Dimensions: 24 in x 2 in x 24 in

    Medium: Acrylic Paints, Ink, Pen & Ink

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  3. Toe Jam

    Toe Jam

    This was probably one of the first pieces in which I explored the idea beautiful deformity. I took one of the most appreciated features of the human form, the face and paired it with the least appreciated, the toes.

    Dimensions: 12 in x 1 in x 12 in

    Medium: Arcrylic, Colored Pencil, Ink

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  4. Trichopilhila-Hair Fetish

    Trichopilhila-Hair Fetish

    This series is about strange sexual fetishes. What drew me to this subject is the fact that it is outside normal society. While I was printing I hand painted the ink onto each carved linoleum block. Then after I pulled each block, each print had 3 blocks, I went back into it with colored pencil. The ink was also water-soluble so I was able to manipulate that well. The multiple prints allowed me to play around. The last step I did was to cut out sections and lay the print over handmade colored papers. I created small poems to go with each print as a way to make it seem a bit more like a freak show. I did this because much of these fetishes are bizarre, silly and some are a disturbing.

    Dimensions: 13 in x .01 in x 21 in

    Medium: Hand Colored Linoleum Print

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