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  1. Grapefruit Crusader

    Grapefruit Crusader

    A painting of my roommate's cat as he see's himself when he watches the fish in our tank.

    Dimensions: 30 in x 1 in x 24 in

    Medium: Acrylic Paints, Spray Paint

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  2. Elphton John

    Elphton John

    12"x18" water color and mixed media on paper. Elton John as an elephant!

    Dimensions: 12 in x 0 in x 18 in

    Medium: Acrylic Paints, Ballpoint Pen, Spray Paint, Water Color

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  3. The Condor King

    The Condor King

    Ink and Acrylic on Gessobord

    Dimensions: 12 in x 2 in x 16 in

    Medium: Acrylic Paints, Ink, Pen & Ink

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  4. Nasophilia: The Nose Fetish

    Nasophilia: The Nose Fetish

    This series is about strange sexual fetishes. What drew me to this subject is the fact that it is outside normal society. While I was printing I hand painted the ink onto each carved linoleum block. Then after I pulled each block, each print had 3 blocks, I went back into it with colored pencil. The ink was also water-soluble so I was able to manipulate that well. The multiple prints allowed me to play around. The last step I did was to cut out sections and lay the print over handmade colored papers. I created small poems to go with each print as a way to make it seem a bit more like a freak show. I did this because much of these fetishes are bizarre, silly and some are a disturbing.

    Dimensions: 13 in x .01 in x 21 in

    Medium: Hand Colored Linoleum Print, Colored Pencil, Watercolor

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  5. Out like a Lamb

    Out like a Lamb

    I created this piece after looking at classical paintings of personified seasons. The winter of 2014 was a particularly harsh one. This was an expression of my relief for the coming spring. Even if winter seems to hang around forever eventually it has to be replaced by the next season.

    Dimensions: 26 in x 2 in x 26 in

    Medium: Acrylic Paints, Colored Pencil, Wood

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  6. Water is Life

    Water is Life

    Wood and stained glass mosaic, depicting a nature scence

    Dimensions: 5 in x 0 in x 5 in

    Medium: Mosaic

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  7. But for the Future

    But for the Future

    This 24" x 24" x 3" wall mounted mosaic was made using hand blown glass shards. It is an allegorical mosaic featuring two male figures. One is releasing doves and the other is observing. Jonathan Mandell c. 2015

    Dimensions: 24 in x 3 in x 24 in

    Medium: Mosaic

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  8. A Fawn Dreams of Flowers

    A Fawn Dreams of Flowers

    This 32" x 32" x 3" wall mounted mosaic was made using hand blown glass shards, ceramic tile and amethyst.

    Dimensions: 32 in x 3 in x 32 in

    Medium: Mosaic

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  9. Habiren Idaho

    Habiren Idaho

    acrylic and pastel on panel 60 x 48 inches

    Dimensions: 60 in x 2 in x 48 in

    Medium: Acrylic Paints, Pastel

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