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  1. Her Cold  Calculating  Heart

    Her Cold Calculating Heart

    6x6 feet, Mixed layered combine , Digital media , tree branches, safety glass

    Dimensions: 6ft in x 3 inch in x 6ft in

    Medium: Mixed Medium

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  2. Scranton Art

    Scranton Art

    Watercolor materials

    Dimensions: 10 in x 1 in x 12 in

    Medium: Water Color, Watercolor

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  3. Tribal Dance

    Tribal Dance

    We are all of one tribe, living in color and music, one world one love. Oil pastel, pen and paint, mixed media drawing. Prints are also available.

    Dimensions: 8.5 in x 0 in x 11 in

    Medium: Oil Pastels

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  4. "Ring Of The Seasons"

    "Ring Of The Seasons"

    Abstract conjunction of the Seasons withheld substantially through a life-line ring.

    Dimensions: 30 in x 1 in x 30 in

    Medium: Oil On Canvas

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4 Item(s)

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