PHILADELPHIA (CNN) -- Artists came together in a North Philadelphia warehouse to create public art signature pieces for DNC guests.

Artist: Barbara Sosson Description: This donkey, from the Hawkeye State, can be found enjoying one of the seven PoliticalFest locations. Elements: Iowa exhibits the Capitol building, corn fields, wind turbines, and state flower the wild rose. (Courtesy:

They will likely be among the most photographed, most Instagrammed, and most hashtagged items of the DNC. 57 fiberglass donkeys, scattered around Philadelphia, and at the heart of a city-wide scavenger hunt.

57 fiberglass donkeys have been scattered throughout the city of Philadelphia ahead of the Democratic National Convention.

"I have South Carolina and West Virginia," said Jeleata Nicole, Donkeys Around Town Artist.

Each donkey represents a U.S. state, territory, the District of Columbia and Democrats Abroad.

"They assigned me Maine and Maryland to paint," said Morgan Thomas Shankweiler, Donkeys Around Town Artist.

The DNC Host Committee partnered with Philadelphia's Mural Arts Program and local art network to recruit artists.

"We had over 300 applications and we had to narrow that down to about 29 artists. We did that in two rounds," said Caryn Kunkle, CEO.

"They had to pass a vetting process for the DNC. So they thorough background checks on all the artists, which was a new experience for me because I've never done that before for artists. I'm glad that everyone will be safe and the donkeys are safe," Kunkle said.

The artists came to a North Philadelphia warehouse during a week in June to paint.

"Hawk and I were some of the first to get here this morning and just get right in and get going. We only have a limited period of time that we can do this, so the sooner we get started the better," said Shankweiler.

"It's just giving me a lot of inspiration to be able to talk to them. There's a lot of established artists and there's a lot of emerging artists. I'm one of the emerging artists.//To have all of us here is a great feeling," said Nicole.

Each state delegation offered suggestions for imagery.

"The delegates actually chose six items that they'd like to see on donkey, and we could do three or we could do all six. For both of my designs I did all six, but honestly for Maine I have a connection, I've spent every summer that I've been alive in Maine," said Shankweiler.

"Form my West Virginia I will have the state capitol dome on one side, which will be the main focus of the body of the donkey, then on the other side I have their new Gorge Bridge," said Nicole.

The donkeys were installed in time for Philadelphia's Fourth of July weekend, and will stay on display through early September.

"Hopefully everything goes great and everybody loves the donkeys and is kind to them," said Kunkle.