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Andrew Grasso

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multi-disciplinary visual artist.



  • 2005, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2012, Portland State University, Portland, OR


  • 2013, Artist, Philadelphia

My Tags

Painting, Drawing, Welding, Sculpting, Set - Stage - Movie


About This Artist

What motivated/motivates you to become an artist?

I have been an artist for my whole life. I started with an interest in cartoons and comics and eventually became interested in public art and social-based art projects and installations. I travel often and this has also had a profound influence on my life and the subject matter of my artwork.

How did you select the elements you decided to depict on your donkey?

I tried to think outside of the box as far as ways to apply the images which we had to choose from. I wanted to use abstract design because I believe that it lends itself best to painting 3-d objects

What made you want to become part of Donkeys Around Town?

I am also a politically active person who often votes Democrat, and it was a good opportunity to be involved with a public art project.

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